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We provide a safe home with wraparound, trauma-informed services to children

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STARR's mission is to meet the needs of children by providing a safe and nurturing home environment. We seek to surround these children with adults, who will love, care for, and support them, so they may overcome adversities and grow into their God-given potential; while maintaining family and community connections. 


We work to achieve permanency and stability in the lives of displaced children and youth.


We provide basic, specialized, and respite child-care services.


Starr Resiliency Agency offers trauma-informed care and wraparound services to children in need, including housing, therapy, and life skills training


We offer several ways to make safe and easy donations.

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STARR's vision is to achieve permanency and stability in the lives of children and youth who are temporarily or permanently displaced through the provision of wrap-around services to include, but not be limited to, housing, therapeutic intervention, life-readiness skills training, and other services as needed by the youth. All services rendered by STARR are based on the trauma-informed care model which seeks to take into consideration the trauma experienced by the youth resulting in the need for removal from the home or wrap-around services.

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